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In today's busy and litigious world, it has never been more important to help protect your liabilities through proper use of insurance, yet many policies are written to protect the insurance companies as much as the insured. That's why you need an agent who really cares to understand your unique and very personal needs. Without the correct insurance you leave yourself open to potentially devastating legal actions, yet being over-insured costs you more than you need to spend! Insurance policies are written in a manner that, without professional review, you may think you're protected and find out you were not when it's too late. An “Agent who cares” won't let that happen (1).

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Note that your request to a Wasserman Agent will be handled on a very personal basis, we are not a business who sells leads to a list of bothersome sales people. You will only be contacted by one agent who will personally and directly help you assess your needs. You will not be added to endless mail lists like other websites who promise multiple quotes.

A Wasserman Agency professional is trained to help navigate through the legal jargon and details to get you the insurance coverage that's right for you. It isn't in your best interest to be over OR under-insured and an agent who will take the time, and knows the broad variety of policies that are available can tailor the programs that are right for you. Protecting your hard earned assets while working diligently to save you money.

(1). As qualified and professional insurance agents we promise to do our best to protect your interests, however, it is, of course impossible to guarantee that any insurance product will protect against all possible varieties of risk. Our commitment is to assist you in balancing your requirements and budget to provide you with the best set of insurance policies to fulfill your individual and unique needs.


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