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About the Wasserman Agency and our Agents.

Mission Statement
Wasserman Agency Inc's mission is to help our clients realize and crystallize their dreams and goals so they can have the peace of mind that in the event of an unforeseen accident or catastrophe, their recovery can be as stress free as possible.

The Wasserman Agency achieves this by using our strength in building relationships with our clients based on trust and honesty.

Purpose Statement
In today's market, companies and individuals do not have the expertise and time to shop around for all their insurance needs. Studies have shown that people want a "one-stop-shop" and need to know that they are dealing with a professional who has honesty and sincerity as traits.

Clients have few choices on how to take care of their insurance needs. They can seek out individual agents for each different insurance line, and have to deal with multiple agents. They can purchase by phone or online. Having several agents with varied expertise and interests can lead to nagging questions at the back of people’s minds, such as "Did I buy enough insurance?," "Did I buy the right kind of insurance?, "What is the quality and the integrity of the company I just bought from?, and have I duplicated coverage anywhere?"

At the Wasserman Agency, individuals can deal with one person for all of those needs and build a relationship based on trust, honesty, and sincerity so they never have to wonder who they need to call when there is a question, a concern, or a claim that needs to be handled. According to Barry Wasserman, "We believe that people still want real relationships and guidance when it comes to these decisions which can have such an enormous impact on their lives."

It is our driving purpose to help people protect, preserve, and build their assets for today as well as their future.

Our Services
The Wasserman Agency, has the ability to provide a wide variety of services pertaining to all aspects of the insurance business. We will be able to sit down with business owners to discuss our business liability, workmen's compensation, commercial auto, buy-sell, key person, and retirement plans. The Agency can offer individual auto, property (homeowners & renters), disability, education, retirement funding and a broader variety of services too extensive to list.

The ability to offer all these different services enables the Wasserman Agency to serve clients who own multiple products with us so we will be their trusted professionals.

(1). As qualified and professional insurance agents we promise to do our best to protect your interests, however, it is, of course impossible to guarantee that any insurance product will protect against all possible varieties of risk. Our commitment is to assist you in balancing your requirements and budget to provide you with the best set of insurance policies to fulfill your individual and unique needs.

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