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Homeowners and Renters Insurance from the Wasserman Agency

Property owners of all types should be insured against certain types of losses both man-made and natural. Like any insurance it is possible to over or under insure yourself and it takes a qualified agent to evaluate your needs and determine the right balance of protection and budget. Your home, your lifestyle, budget and comfort level all factor in when determine the right type of coverage for your home, valuables, keepsakes, heirlooms and other property. To receive a fast proposal for property insurance of nearly any type, go to our secure online form now. To learn more about the property insurance read-on or skip to our glossary of terms.

Note that your request to a Wasserman Agent will be handled on a very personal basis, we are not a business who sells leads to a list of bothersome sales people. You will only be contacted by one agent who will personally and directly help you assess your needs. You will not be added to endless mail lists like other websites who promise multiple quotes.

What are the potential pitfalls of different property insurance policies, how do some companies mislead people?
Many people learn hard lessons from natural disasters or other difficult events. When you work direct with an insurer it's not always in their best interest to offer coverage that are likely to cost them money. We don't want to even suggest that some companies providing insurance services are dishonest, and many, possibly most are not at all. However, most businesses focus on short term generation of profits, often placing that ahead of long-term customer service interests. Many people don't learn until it's too late that a particular type of disaster isn't covered by their policy because of a hidden clause in the coverage. It's in our interest to provide you coverage that PAYS OFF should costly circumstances occur, not to hide clauses in your coverage that become problems when you thought you were covered. Most companies won't bother to even ask why you carry coverage that don't seem material to your needs.

Beyond that, creating real protection for you means a LOT more than simply calculating a number based on your initial suggestions. If your insurance company doesn't do a comprehensive evaluation of your needs, how can they understand them? Proper insurance coverage takes a lot into account, your real budget, your real risks and much more. Only an agent who REALLY cares will take the time to create a package that covers you, without costing you more than it should.

What does the Wasserman Agency do differently?
We look beyond the quote requests to evaluate your real risks and budget. We make suggestions even ones that lower the cost of coverage with your benefit in mind first. We believe that works better for us in the long run because clients who are well served will bring additional types of coverage to us, as well as refer friends and family. We seek to grow our business by serving our clients interests first. Your Wasserman Agent will take the time to explain your coverage and make sure you understand what is covered. We don't like bad surprises any more than you do, and knowing our clients on a personal basis, the last thing we want is to disappoint them.

Why should I fill out your form immediately?
Our online quote request form will only take a couple of minutes to fill out, by doing so we can offer a competitive proposal to provide more complete and better value coverage that what you are getting currently. We may call or email if we have suggestions on how to decrease your costs or boost your coverage in ways that may be more appropriate to your circumstances, but we will NEVER share your email or other contact information and you won't be contacted by a barrage of sales people around the country. Once we are hired to be someone's agent they have a friend in the insurance business who will work tirelessly to make sure their coverage is current and appropriate to their needs. You can get started right now, save money and increase your security. Our form operates through a "Secure Socket Layer" which means you are assured that it cannot be read by parties other than our Wasserman Agency professionals. If you start now, in a few minutes you can be on your way to better coverage and lower premiums! Go to our online form now to begin.


Property Coverage Glossary:

Contents: This covers personal property that is not attached or built in to the home for losses due to fire, smoke, wind, theft, and other causes listed in policy.(Ex. Furniture, clothing, appliances not built in)

Deductible: The amount you are self insuring for before the applicable coverage begins.

Dwelling: This is what covers the house and attached structures for accidental direct physical losses. (Includes built in items)

Extended Replacement Cost on Contents: This pays to replace personal property without depreciation being taken.

Identity Theft: This coverage will assist you with restoring your identity and pay up to a selected benefit for your incurred expenses.

Loss of Use: This coverage pays for reasonable living expenses over and above your normal living expenses if you are not able to reside in your home due to a covered loss.

Medical Payments: This coverage pays for medical or funeral expenses of others who are injured on your property or by your activities.

Other Structures: This covers other structures that are not attached to the house for accidental direct physical losses. (Ex. Detached garage, shed, gazebo) This coverage is typically included on the policy for a percentage of the dwelling amount.

Ordinance or Law: This will pay for increased expenses to rebuild due to changing building ordinances or codes. (Ex. New construction with finished basement must have a walkout)

Personal Liability: This covers damage to others which you may be held liable. (Ex. Someone trips on your sidewalk)

Replacement Cost on Dwelling: If home is insured at 100% replacement cost this coverage can pay up to an additional 20% if the home is a total loss and additional money is needed to replace the home.

Scheduled Property: This coverage can provide additional protection for higher value personal property such as artwork, jewelry, furs, etc.

Water Backup of Sewer: Gives broader coverage for a loss due to water backup through a sewer or drain. (Ex. Sump Pump failed) This is not flood insurance.

(1). As qualified and professional insurance agents we promise to do our best to protect your interests, however, it is, of course impossible to guarantee that any insurance product will protect against all possible varieties of risk. Our commitment is to assist you in balancing your requirements and budget to provide you with the best set of insurance policies to fulfill your individual and unique needs.

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